(AEWE) Mission Statement

"The mission of AEWE is to expose youth to our Nation's public parks and wild spaces through hands-on, intimate exploration and to plant a seed of respect, hope, passion, preservation and stewardship. The goal of each backpacking experience is to walk quietly in the woods, leave nothing behind and go forth with a new sense of purpose and respect."

Thursday, July 7, 2016

Last Minute Reminders

Good morning campers! 

The countdown has begun. A few last minute items to plan for: 

1- The forecast for Wyoming has toned down a bit. Of course plan for hot daytime temps but also plan for chilly evenings in the 30s and 40s in the back country. Make sure you have extra clothes to handle CHILLY night times! 

2- Remember something for your head (hat, bandanna) BUG REPELLENT and SUNSCREEN! 

3- Pack check-in is Friday from 10am-12 bring your fully packed back pack (with room for group gear remaining) 

4- Be in the back of the BACC Saturday morning @ 5:30 AM. We are departing Badlands Bound @ 6 AM sharp with no pickups after the 69 on-ramp Tristan!

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